ARMYs Are Going Crazy For BTS Jungkook’s Adorable Selfie Habits

How can anyone’s selfie be that cute?

Over the years, fans have noticed how many little habits BTS‘s Jungkook has. ARMYs have carefully documented them all and are always on the lookout for new ones!


From his famous “Jungshook” expression that makes an appearance when he’s surprised or shocked…


To his adorable habit of tapping his head when he’s worried, there’s certainly no shortage of cute quirks fans have picked up on.


While each of his many different habits is absolutely adorable…


Oh so very adorable…


Recently, ARMYs can’t stop talking about his selfie habits!


While every person has a few go-to moves whenever they take their picture, fans have noticed that Jungkook has a very special pose he likes to use.


And it’s his adorable nose scrunch!


While he doesn’t do this exclusively for selcas, it is one of his favorite poses for pictures.


Fans can’t get enough of the adorable gesture and all its cute bunny glory!


How could anyone ever get tired of this sweet sight?


But that’s not the only pose ARMYs have noticed Jungkook likes to use. The golden maknae has one other preferred pose…


A cute pouty face!


Like the scrunched nose move, this pose isn’t used exclusively for photos and has made an appearance on many other occasions…


But its use in his selfies is making everyone’s hearts melt!


No one can get over the fact that he seems to do these two poses in most of his selfies.


Probably because they really are too cute to handle!