BTS’s Jungkook Took off His Lenses on Stage for a Very Sweet Reason

No one saw that coming.

Late last month, BTS performed at their LOVE YOURSELF world tour concert held at AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong where every member captivated the audience with their individual talents and charms.

In particular, the youngest member, Jungkook drew a lot of attention and touched fans just by taking off his lenses on stage.

After the spectacular concert, Jungkook wrapped up the performances by saying, “We had a lot of fun, Hong Kong!

He then proceeded to confess, “I put on these lenses so that I could look good for you guys. But I’ll take them out now so I can get a better look at you” and took off his lenses right then and there.

Once he got them off without the use of a mirror, he looked around the audience and said, “I can see you much better now” and made everyone cheer.

Jungkook smiled and wrapped up the concert by revealing, “This is our third performance, and it’s natural for people to get tired after a lot of physical activity. But we felt more and more energized. That was lots of fun.

Check out the footage below:

Source: Insight