BTS Jungkook Literally Just Walks And People Are Falling For Him

Idol by day, model by night?

GIFs of BTS‘s Jungkook literally just walking have been making their rounds and people already want him to debut as a model ASAP.

Somehow, Jungkook has this magical ability to make any place he walks his own personal runway. Whether it be the stage…

… or the airport, he somehow always manages to look good.

Fans believe he has the potential of being a runway model, with some saying that his model gaite is proof that he can make it big. Just another list of things BTS’s golden maknae can add to his resume.

People have also commented on how his physical condition is also good and how both his upper and lower body are balanced. Also, his long limbs are a huge plus. Strong and muscular, fans are anticipating his modeling debut.

I love Jungkook. He’s just walking, but why does he look so cool?

– Korean Netizen