Here’s Why BTS’s Jungkook Believes Everyone’s Life Is Already Planned Out

This is how he saw his future.

Do you believe in fate? Just like the song “DNA” suggests, BTS‘s Jungkook once revealed that he believes that “none of this is a coincidence” and everyone’s life has a pre-planned path.

Part of his reasoning consists of his vivid déjà vu dreams.

His dreams are clear, repetitive, and and can even predict events in his life.

According to Jungkook, even if someone were to change their mind and follow a different path, that is also part of their destiny.

He believes his future is already set in stone. Maybe this is why Jungkook doesn’t worry much about the future!

Is it possible he has an ability to tell the future? ARMYs would love to hear Jungkook’s fortune for their own lives!