BTS’s Jungkook Lost All His Members’ Contacts And His Hyungs Had The Most Hilarious Reaction

Hi, we lost your numbers too.

It’s not every day that you have a BTS member’s phone number, then lose it. Of course, if you’re Jeon Jungkook, that could very much happen. Jungkook recently got a brand new phone but experienced the peak champagne problem out of all champagne problems.

He casually dropped the bomb on his members when he told them that he didn’t have their phone numbers. While he glanced sheepishly at his hyungs, J-Hope had the most explosive reaction as he put down his food. When J-Hope actually lets go of his snacks, you know the situation just got real. V couldn’t believe his ears either as he stared at Jungkook.

Jungkook quickly explained that he upgraded to a new phone and hadn’t transferred the data. Judging by his adorable stutter, Jungkook felt bad for not asking for their numbers sooner!

  • Jungkook: [hums] “Hey, I’m sorry but I don’t have your numbers.”
  • J-Hope: “That’s crazy. Have you gone crazy?”
  • V: “Ey, that’s crazy.”
  • Jungkook: “I recently upgraded… This is a new phone. I don’t do that- I don’t transfer my data. I didn’t do it.”
  • V: “You should’ve asked.”

While he pleaded the fifth, J-Hope immediately whipped out his own phone to rectify the situation. While he didn’t explain what exactly he did, we can only guess that J-Hope probably sent his contact number to the maknae immediately.

Jungkook probably got away with it this time, but how will the hyungs react when he upgrades his phone next?! But I mean, look at this cute face! All is forgiven quite quickly.


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