BTS’s Jungkook Loves Eating So Much That He Eats While Watching Food On TV

Kookie loves his food!

On episode 151 of Run BTS!, the members were seen having a fun time at a hotel. Jungkook, who was given the biggest room after winning first during the games, was seen enjoying his time.

| Run BTS!/V Live

For fans who were curious as to what he was watching so intently on TV, it was none other than the TV program, Steel Troops.

| Run BTS!/V Live

But if you look closely, the part he was the most focused on was then they showed some delicious barbecue!

| Run BTS!/V Live

Fans know just how much our golden maknae loves to eat food! And what’s better than eating food? Eating while watching food on TV!

| Run BTS!/V Live

You could say he thoroughly enjoyed his time there while eating jjappaguri

….hamburgers and fries…

…and even ramyun!

Seeing how peacefully he’s sleeping, it’s safe to say our Jungkook had a great time!

| Run BTS!/V Live
Source: nate pann