There’s A Breakup Song About BTS’s Jungkook, And Honestly, I Relate

Fans are running wild with theories.

BTS‘s Jungkook is talented, handsome, loveable, and 1/7th of the reason why ARMY’s standards are astronomically high.

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Whenever someone says “the perfect man doesn’t exist”, fans point to him. Nobody is perfect, it’s true, but the Golden Maknae is in the top 1% of human beings…

…according to these peer-reviewed, scientifically proven sources:

Part of dating (or marrying) an ARMY is accepting that you will be sharing their heart with these seven stars. It’s a fact of life, much like “the sky is blue”, “grass is green”, and “BTS owns my bank account”.

In 2018, singer and BTS fan Luka Maric wrote a song called “Jeon Jungkook”. The lyrics are from the perspective of someone who wishes they could be like Jungkook; Wish I could be so fast as Jungkook / Fly you to the moon like Jungkook / And do all these things like Jungkook”. 

Luka Maric has not shared the story behind the song, but fans came up with their own funny (and relatable) theories.

Listen to “Jeon Jungkook” here.