Here’s Why Jungkook Memorizes All Of BTS’s Lyrics And Not Just His Own Parts

This shows how insanely talented he is!

Known as the “Golden Maknae” for his endless skills, there’s nothing BTS‘s Jungkook can’t do!

Referred to as a “lyric bot,” Jungkook is easily able to recall any BTS lyrics — even from parts of the song that he doesn’t sing.

Because of this, he’s always able to help the members during practice if they forget lyrics, like the time he helped Suga remember his rap for “Whalien 52.”

Jungkook once explained that he can easily recall song lyrics because he records all of the chorus parts to most BTS songs. A fan compiled his plethora of song credits as shown below.

For most song choruses, you can expect to find Jungkook’s name there! This indicates that he played a part in creating the chorus.

In this video of Jungkook building the chorus of “Euphoria,” he goes through a variety of different sounds before ultimately settling on the version of the song we know and love today.

With Jungkook’s extensive lyric catalogue in his head, he also comes in handy to help enhance live performances. Spontaneously harmonizing with J-Hope during “Save Me” was only possible because he could quickly recall the rap lyrics.

ARMY have been able to witness Jungkook composing music on the spot firsthand during a livestream when he built a song from scratch.

Many songs contain Jungkook’s voice somewhere in the chorus. Sometimes, there are even hidden layers of his voice like in the song “Magic Shop.” In the video below, Jungkook has 4 separate layers of vocals that work together to create a beautiful sound.

Check out some of Jungkook’s isolated vocals during the chorus of different songs below!

Source: theqoo