BTS’s Jungkook Makes A Fine Bunny, But He Can Also Be An Adorable Doggo

Looks like Jungkook’s vlog revealed his alter ego.

In his latest vlog, BTS‘s Jungkook was spotted hitting the gym and working out hard even while on vacation. For ARMYs, it was inspiring to see Jungkook trying to lose weight and stay fit…


… until he caught himself on camera holding on to Jjajangie, a black poodle. Then, the vlog turned into an ultra cute dog-umentary of Jungkook the Bunny (and ARMYs) realizing that he might have a bit of Jungkook the Doggo in there too.


While drinking his protein shake, Jungkook came eye-to-eye with Jjajangie — and ARMYs, though they have been embracing the “Jungkook = Bunny” equation for a while, couldn’t help but see that Jungkook can also be a wholesome poodle.


Characterized by their curly-cute hairstyles and adorable personalities, this Jungkook x Jjajang combo most definitely brightened up ARMYs’ day!


Watch the full vlog here: