BTS Jungkook’s New Hair Reveal in Chiba, Japan Has Twitter Completely Jungshook

“His hair…! HIS HAIR!”

On November 23, 2019, BTS held their fan meeting in Chiba, Japan and ARMYs finally got what they have been waiting for: Jungkook‘s fresh hairstyle reveal!


Previously, at the airport departing to Japan, Jungkook teased his new ‘do covered up with his hood. At the fan meeting, Jungkook revealed it to be this gorgeous black and blonde two-tone color magic:


Throughout the fan meeting performances, Jungkook looked super charming as ever…


… and Twitter went wild for it! ARMYs who attended the Chiba fan meeting shared breathtaking pictures and videos of Jungkook in his new look…


… and it left ARMYs screaming “His hair…! HIS HAIR!”


Keywords like “Jungkooks” from “Jungkook’s hair” trended at #1 all over the globe as well.


While ARMYs loved every second of this two-tone Jungkook in Japan, they especially fell in love with this silky-godly Prince Turquoise look:


Looks like a whole new “era” of Jungkook’s many eras of flawless hairstyles has just begun!