BTS’s Jungkook Reveals Why He Has Decided Not To Separate His Onstage And Offstage Self Anymore

We love Jungkook just the way he is.

The BTS Jungkook that we see today is the combination of both his on and offstage personas!

| @blisskook/Twitter

In the Break The Silence: The Movie, the members express their joy and fears as they take fans on a ride in their journey as BTS.

Jungkook felt that he had to keep his professional and personal life apart from one another in the beginning. “We can say that a new persona was created since the moment we debuted. I used to think that the two personas had to be kept separate, though I can’t say why.”

| Break The Silence

But after seeing his good parts meshed into his other persona, he decided not to separate the two. “But when I thought about it, the good parts of me were in the new Jungkook I had created, so it didn’t seem necessary for me to separate what was good and to keep thinking that way.”

| Break The Silence

Fans are glad that Jungkook decided to show his true self regardless of being on and off stage as it allowed many people to relate and grow with the group together!