BTS’s Jungkook Once Got Teased By Some Of His Hyungs…And Suga Decided To “Stand Up” For The Maknae

No matter how old he gets, it seems that Jungkook will always be a baby to his hyungs!

It seems that no matter how old BTS‘s Jungkook gets, his hyungs will always view him as the adorable maknae of the group.

However, one time, some of the BTS members were teasing Jungkook a bit, which caused Suga to “stand up” for Jungkook.

When Jungkook was looking to buy a coat, a lot of the members were shocked, as Jungkook usually doesn’t shop for clothes. V even commented on how it was the first time he had seen Jungkook shop in years.

Jin also commented on how Jungkook was looking for some slacks, which caused most of the members to burst with laughter.

After that, Suga asked the members why they were teasing Jungkook so much, and Jin responded by telling Suga, “I’m not teasing him, I’m saying it because he’s cute“.

It seems that even when Jungkook is doing something as simple as shopping, his hyungs can’t help but find it adorable!

Here’s the full video below!


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