BTS’s Jungkook Is Living His Best “Broke College Student” Life

Fans are loving his hilariously humble lifestyle choices.

BTS‘s Jungkook is a millionaire, but sometimes he seems to forget it!


Jungkook’s reported net worth for 2019 is $8M. That means he can buy all the gym equipment, black T-shirts, and banana milk his heart desires. Luxury is at his fingertips, but Jungkook still has his “broke college student” moments.


After all, why would you chill in your 1.7 million dollar apartment when you can film lip sync videos in a closet?


Why order gourmet when you can fight your hyung for a bag of chips?


Why use pillows when rolled up towels do the same job? Wait…Towels? What? Why?


On November 8, BangtanTV released a video from BTS’s visit to their pop-up store, House of BTS. After looking through their merch, Jungkook decided to buy a pillow because he didn’t have one.

I don’t have a pillow at home.

— Jungkook


“You don’t have a pillow?” Jin exclaimed in disbelief. “I use rolled up towels,” Jungkook replied.


confirmed that Jungkook really was pillow-less.

The last time when I went to Jungkook’s room, there weren’t any pillows.

— V


Watch the full episode here:


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