BTS’s Jungkook Gets Praised By Producer Jinbo For Having True Talent As A Vocalist

He left an unforgettable impression.

In a recent interview with The Deep Cut, artist and producer Jinbo revealed his experience working on hit songs like “Anpanman” with BTS. Coming from a K-Pop producer’s point of view, Jinbo shared the unforgettable impression Jungkook made as a vocalist, praising him to have “true talent”.


Jinbo commented, while most vocalists settle at understanding more or less 80% of the producer’s intentions and directions…

It’s not like I make really difficult-to-digest songs, but sometimes [other artists] find my style difficult to digest.

— Jinbo


… Jungkook has keen ears and an even more impressive vocal skills to digest 100% of what is being asked of him.


For Jinbo, he found great potential and value in Jungkook’s ability to catch what he hears and express it back in his own color.

Jungkook really knew what I was going for and made it his own… It really made an impression.

— Jinbo


This talent Jungkook has as a vocalist has long been evident for ARMYs. His voice is, for many fans, the very starting point of their BTS-love. It is no wonder how Jungkook won over a million ARMY hearts — he has vocals as heavenly as his visuals.


Watch the full interview here: