Jungkook Explains His Character’s Backstory In BTS’s New “ON” MV

This is how he became a rebel on the run in BTS’s “ON” music video.

In BTS‘s new music video for “ON”,  Jungkook plays an escapee bound by thorns. Fans have plenty of theories about who he’s running from and why, but what’s the real story?

On March 2, BangtanTV uploaded a “Shooting Sketch” episode that takes viewers behind the scenes of the “ON” MV. In between scenes, Jungkook revealed snippets about his intriguing backstory.

“I was doing well within the wall,” he explained.

“…but I had this special power…”

“…and people saw that and said, ‘he’s the devil’ and locked me up…”

“…then cast me out of the wall.”

Since his hands were bound while shooting, staff members helped him stay hydrated. “I was shunned from the village,” Jungkook joked. “but everyone’s caring for me.” 

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