These Genius Theories About BTS’s “ON” Will Make Your Head Spin

These genius theories will take you deep into BTS’s new music video.

BTS‘s new “ON” music video is bursting with mind-blowing references and connections to their past music videos. If you’re trying to figure out what it all means, check out these genius ARMY theories!

1. Time traveler Jin went back to save everyone

2. J-Hope is from the future

3. Jin set Jungkook free

4. V is about to become “Z” (aka a zombie)

5. “ON” is the sequel to “FAKE LOVE”

6. President RM welcomes you to Namkanda

7. The shaman

8. Rebel Jungkook: the saga continues

From “N.O” to “ON”, the Golden Maknae is all about breaking free.

9. Prepare to bawl your eyes out

10. The BTS Universe is actually Portal 

11. BONUS: These theories for the people who don’t do theories