Jungkook Played “Hide And Seek” With BTS’s Staff…Until RM Noticed


BTS‘s Jungkook never misses an opportunity to entertain himself, his members, or the staff!

Jungkook | HYBE/Weverse

Recently, BTS released a new BANGTANTV episode with behind-the-scenes footage from 2020 Gayo Daejeon. Snippets from the Christmastime versions of “Black Swan” and “Dynamite” were included, including RM‘s hilarious tumble.

After a long day of filming, BTS wrapped up and recorded a video message for fans. When Jungkook noticed he wasn’t entirely in the frame, he moved in closer…

…then decided to tease the staff! The game? “Make The Camera Operator’s Job Harder Than It Needs To Be.”

Jungkook is an expert at this game, having pushed his cameramen to the limits during Run BTS! episodes. Thankfully, no running was involved this time. (Phew!)

| Run BTS!/Weverse

As his members talked about filming in Daegu, Suga and V‘s hometowns, Jungkook continued to play hide and seek, getting more dramatic by the minute.

Finally, RM noticed what he was up to. Some leaders might scold their maknae for playing around like this, but not RM.

He looked at BTS’s silly, youngest member with pure fondness in his eyes. As for Jungkook, he lit up brighter than “Dynamite,” delighted to be caught. Mission accomplished?

Watch the video here: