BTS’s Jungkook Couldn’t Help Running His Hands All Over V… ARMYs Can Relate

‘Twas a passionate body search.

In the latest episode of Run BTS!, BTS members tested their luck in a game of Bangtan Trivia.


When it came turn to answer an O/X question, “The total number of accessories BTS are wearing at the moment is greater than 14”,  only Suga answered O for yes, while the rest answered X for no.


As soon as the game-host-of-the-day V defined accessories to be “bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings”, the members began counting.


Jungkook, who got excited about counting his hyungs’ accessories…


… ended up searching V rather passionately…


… and ARMYs can’t stop laughing at how he ran his hands all over the unsuspecting hyung!

Oh my, Jungkook! What is the need to bust open your hyung‘s chest area like that, LMAO.



Jungkook’s touchy-feely method revealed a handful of V’s bracelets…


… but for ARMYs, it stopped being about the total number of accessories as soon as Jungkook put his hands on V!


Watch the full episode here:

Source: THEQOO