BTS’s Jungkook Says He Has No Aegyo, But ARMYs Know The Real Aegyo-King JK

He can’t hide the cuteness.

BTS‘s Jungkook once faced a fill-in-the-blank question that read, “To me, aegyo is…” To complete the sentence, Jungkook wrote, “something that should be gone” and made it very clear that he simply wasn’t interested in having or showing aegyo.


And with such a firm response, ARMYs would think Jungkook had no aegyo to share…


… but there is no fooling ARMYs. Fans already know that Jungkook’s personality is actually 99% aegyo. He may not realize, nor ever admit so, but everything about him is exploding with aegyo. Jungkook can not have the intention of being any cute…


… but still be, because he was born aegyo-packed. There is no stopping something that comes so naturally!


ARMYs are letting Jungkook have his way by agreeing that he most definitely has no aegyo at all – only because they all know that in reality, he is the embodiment of aegyo itself!


Jungkook’s aegyo amplifies when he is with the hyung-line of BTS: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and RM. When surrounded by his loving brothers, Jungkook will – without realizing – loosen up and become the true “Golden Maknae” baby boy of the group.


The hyung-line members also know Jungkook is, underneath all the denial, the Aegyo King of BTS!


Jungkook’s (non-existent, according to himself) aegyo spares no one and targets everybody. After slaying the fans and hyungs with his excessive level of UWU-worthiness, Jungkook the Aegyo Monster will attack one Earthling at a time.


Here’s Jungkook nearly giving this make-up artist a heart attack by casually pulling an aegyo moment:


And him using his aegyo to put a smile on this waiter’s face:


All in all, Jungkook has so much aegyo that he’s cute when he’s sad…


… and his aegyo will pull through, even when he’s all emotional and crying…


But let’s leave it at “Jungkook has no aegyo” because that’s what Jungkook would have us believe. There’s no need to blow that cover for him now, is there? (Wink.)

Source: THEQOO