BTS’s Jungkook “Scolds” His Fan For Helping RM

Things didn’t go his way on “Run BTS!”.

Jungkook and RM went from best friends to rivals, and one ARMY got caught in the crossfire!

Jungkook | Run BTS!/Weverse

In Episode 133, “Workshop Special”, the members competed to see who could find past Run BTS! content the fastest by searching through articles and ARMY blogs. As always, all the members were competitive, but Jungkook was especially determined to win because of his handicap: this gigantic keyboard.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

RM’s search skills helped him find out the name of BTS’s three teams from a previous episode: Bear, V, and Hyuk…

| Run BTS!/Weverse

…and it was all thanks to Jungkook’s fan!

After hearing this, Jungkook pretended to sulk and scold his fan. “If you’re my fan, you should’ve helped me,” he said. Oh well. Better luck next time!


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