Suga’s Reaction To Jungkook’s See-Through Shirt Is ARMY’s Reaction Too

ARMY wasn’t expecting to see this, and neither was Suga.

ARMYs are missing Jungkook and Suga like crazy right now, but luckily they have Memories of 2018 to help them cope.


Each year, BTS releases a DVD collection of highlights from the previous year. Memories of 2018 is largely a recap of BTS’s Love Yourself world tour.


In one backstage clip, Jungkook wore a ruffled shirt with a translucent back and sleeves.


Normally, this see-through shirt goes unnoticed because it’s covered by a fancy blazer for “IDOL”.


When Suga saw Jungkook’s shirt, he had an “ARMY moment” that absolutely nobody can blame him for. He stopped, stared, and pointed out the sexy.


The best part of this moment might be when Jungkook started singing Primary‘s “See Through” (featuring Gaeko and Zion. T).


Right now, Jungkook and Suga are laying low, so fans can only imagine what they’re up to. While waiting for updates, check out what Jin and RM have been doing on their vacation.

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