When RM’s Visuals “Killed” A Fan, This Is How Jin Responded

He replied to this diehard RM stan in the best way.

WARNING: This article contains RM. His visuals have been known to cause extreme cases of fangirling and fanboying, heart attacks, and blissful death. Proceed at your own risk.


Lately, RM has been putting ARMY’s health at risk more than ever before. Within the past week, he performed like this at the Lotte Duty Free Family concert


…and went sleeveless




On August 15, RM posted selfies of himself at Jeonju Hanok Village, the setting for BTS’s 2019 Summer Package in Korea


Many ARMYs probably didn’t even notice the architecture because RM outshone it.


On BTS Weverse, one adoring fan revealed how they’d overdosed on RM’s visuals. His photos caused their soul to vacate their body.

Seeing this photo made me so happy that I parted from this world.



In response, Jin dropped this hilarious comment:

Is the Wi-Fi connection also good in heaven…

— Jin


While RM is “namjooning” on vacation, it seems like Jin’s going to be “jinning”–i.e. roasting fans every chance he gets!