This Could Be The Next Product That BTS’s Jungkook Sells Out

This could be the next Downy, according to fans.

BTS‘s Jungkook has a golden touch: everything he touches sells out instantly, whether he wants it to or not!


Most recently, Jungkook sold out WANGTA‘s Dr. Baek Toothbrush 688 after brushing his teeth with one in a “Bangtan Bomb” video. He has also sold out lip balm, wine, Downy laundry products, and more.


On August 9, BangtanTV uploaded a new backstage video from America’s Got Talent. In it, Jungkook casually leans on a snack counter, dressed head to toe in Christian Dior. Nothing would match his chic outfit and pose better than a glass of champagne, but instead, he’s drinking chocolate milk!


(TruMoo Chocolate Milk, to be precise!)


The contrast between Jungkook’s sophisticated style and his kindergarten beverage is charming ARMYs all over again.


Now, some fans predict that TruMoo’s sales will skyrocket!


After all, who can say no to TruMoo milk when the brand ambassador looks this good?