Jungkook’s Sexy Body Wave Is Leaving ARMYs “Jungshook”

He brought his sexiest dance moves to BTS’s Hong Kong concert.

Somebody call a medic! Jungkook is giving fans heart attacks again!


ARMYs know that being a Jungkook stan is inherently risky. Even the little things he does, like making eye contact, can “attack” ARMYs out of nowhere!


This adorable “bunny” is a health hazard without even trying…


…so when he turns up the heat on purpose, things get dangerous!


On March 20, BTS performed Day 1 of their 4-day LOVE YOURSELF concert in Hong Kong. As always, all the members went above and beyond to give ARMYs a show they’ll never forget.


During “Baepsae”, Jungkook took the sexy choreography to the next level by doing this endless body wave.


Wait, let’s see it again from another angle. For science.


One ARMY is advising viewers to “shield [their] hearts” because Jungkook’s “massive body wave” is ‘killing’ fans with its sexiness!


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