Short Hair Or Long Hair? BTS’s Jungkook Can Do Both, And Here’s The Proof

ARMYs, are you team long or short hair?

BTS Jungkook‘s visuals know no bounds!

Recently trending on a Korean forum for his visuals with slicked-back short hair, this classic look shows off his stunning facial features and brings out his masculine charms.

He’s rocked the look when he was younger…

…and even nowadays in his current mature and edgy style!

However, if you thought short hair was his best look, you might need to reconsider after seeing his long hair!

Going viral for his trendy look, even non-ARMYs were falling for Jungkook’s fancams from the 2019 Lotte Family Concert.

With his grown-out hair, he shows off more of his fairy-like charms…

…and of course, fans go wild when he sweeps it back into a ponytail!

Black Swan Jungkook, anyone?

In the end, it’s basically impossible to pick your favorite look…

…so we’ll just have to say both styles are the winners!

Source: theqoo