BTS’s Jungkook Is Simply An Incredible Artist

He’s the definition of multitalented 💜

It’s no secret that one of BTS Jungkook‘s many talents is art! He blessed ARMYs’ eyes once again with his artwork in his “BE Log,” which went in-depth into his creative process when painting.

The video started off by showing Jungkook’s intense concentration when thinking about what to paint. After some careful deliberation, he settled on a tree with a deep meaning behind it.

He mixed together several choice colors to form the background…

…and the result was a stunning ombré sky that is reminiscent of many great paintings!

He also added some patches of grass to the bottom and started on the focal point of the painting—a tree.

Little by little, Jungkook’s carefully placed details brought the tree to life.

It wasn’t an ordinary tree, however. Painted purple, its leaves formed the shape of a heart, but its signature feature was undoubtedly the way it glowed brightly!

Jungkook didn’t break his concentration the entire time he painted.

After he finished, he explained the beautiful meaning behind his work.

I tried to express what’s in my heart. This tree glows by itself, and there’s nothing next to it. But! It firmly remains in its place. And this tree is always glowing!

— Jungkook

He ended by inviting everyone to look at it whenever they want to, “Come look at this tree anytime!

Check out Jungkook’s artistic talent in its entirety in the full video below!


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