The Era BTS’s Jungkook Had A Singing “Breakthrough,” According To Suga

Suga was amazed with Jungkook’s talent.

BTS‘s Jungkook recently made his second appearance on Suga‘s popular musical talk show Suchwita, and together, the two heartwarmingly discussed their future hopes for BTS, Jungkook’s solo promotions, and also reflected on the past.

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and Suga (right) | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Suga was full of praise for BTS’s maknae, as they talked about his successful solo promotions ahead of his recent solo album release.

While discussing how he had kept up with Jungkook’s solo activities, the older BTS member recalled when he first noticed how much the naturally gifted BTS maknae‘s vocals had improved.

Suga complimented Jungkook, saying, “Sometimes when I hear you singing live, it’s like you’re on autotune. It just happened at some point.

Jungkook questioned Suga, asking, “At some point?,” before wondering if it was during BTS’s “Dynamite” promotions in 2020. Suga excitedly confirmed that was when he noticed the change.

Jungkook agreed that he improved during that era, and Suga added that it was like the BTS maknae had a breakthrough.

Jungkook added that he feels like he’s still having breakthroughs to this day, as he tries new genres and continues to challenge himself.

Suga pointed out that BTS as a group are not artists limited to doing one genre.

He concluded that when he was younger, he thought doing only one genre made a group experts, but he’s realized throughout his career that artists “know how to do everything” these days.

In a GOLDEN album insert, Jungkook penned a touching letter to fans, further discussing his career as an artist.

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