BTS Jungkook’s Small Yet Sweet Habit Towards The Members Will Make You Soft

His love for his hyungs is next level!

We all know BTS‘s golden maknae Jungkook loves his hyungs and the way he looks at them proves it all.

Although we know he has a bunch of little habits such as his adorable head tilts and laughing while clapping, he also has a cute habit of staring intently at the members.

| theqoo

His loving gaze towards his members shows just how much he loves his brothers.

| theqoo

He loves to watch his members take a hold of the mic…

| SBS Inkigayo

…and listen to them talk to the fans…

| theqoo

He can’t help but smile as he watches the members interact and talk with one another.

Just look at how lovingly he looks at them!

| Vogue

We can also see from their show In the SOOP that out of the things that Jungkook wanted to do…


…watching his members was one of them!


Even though the members live together and see each other every day, it looks like Jungkook just can’t get enough of his hyungs!


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