BTS’s Jungkook Isn’t “Smooth Like Butter?” We Respectfully Disagree

His opinion differs from ARMY’s. A lot.

Look, we’re not calling Jungkook a liar, except maybe we are. A little.

Jungkook | HYBE Labels/Youtube

During a new Q&A with Ask Anything Chat, BTS were asked fan-submitted questions. ARMYs were curious to know the members’ theme songs, their pillow habits, Suga’s green hair, and much more.

“Are you smooth like butter?” one fan asked. “Oh! Of course!” V declared confidently. “Thank you,” Jimin added.

Jin and RM showed just how buttery they can be with these smooth moves.

Jungkook, on the other hand, said, “No,” with the straightest of straight faces.

Pardon? J-Hope asked again, just to be sure; “Are you smooth like butter?” Again, Jungkook said, “No.” 

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that is the opposite of truth, and our “Butter” checklist proves it. First of all, is Jungkook, “like a criminal undercover,” “breakin’ into your heart like that?” Absolutely.

Is he also, “hot like summer,” “makin’ you sweat like that?” Without a doubt. (Someone, please turn up the AC!)

Does he have that, “superstar glow?” He’s incandescent!

And, finally, is Jungkook, “Hotter? Sweeter? Cooler? Butter?” A thousand times yes!

We rest our case! Watch the video here: