Does BTS Smell Like Heaven? Jungkook Is An Expert On This Topic

They are his “flower, flower, flower.”

The world is Jungkook‘s garden, and everyone in it is a flower that must be sniffed.

BTS‘s Golden Maknae has always had a sensitive sense of smell. Back in 2015, he even collected cosmetics for their scents.

From his debut days until now, Jungkook has also had a cute habit of smelling his members like a puppy in human form.

Why does he do it? Popular opinion: because he can.

In BTS’s new unboxing video, fans fell in love with Jungkook all over again when they noticed him sneaking a whiff of Jimin’s hair. (In his defense, that ponytail does look a lot like a flower.)

and J-Hope are also some of his favorite “perfumes” to sample.

What does each member smell like? What shampoos do they use? How can the rest of us up our hygiene game? Maybe one day he’ll let us in on the secret!

Until then, check out more highlights from BTS’s unboxing video here:

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