Oh Nothing, Just BTS’s Jungkook Being Athletic — 9 Moments Where His Sports Talent Shined

As if he needed another reason to be perfect.

BTS‘s Jungkook is known as the golden maknae of the group. From visuals to vocals, dance to variety, there is not an aspect in which he is lacking. It is unsurprising that he excels in sports as well. Here are 9 moments that he showed off his athletic prowess.

1. The limbo

We’d definitely want him on our team with how low he can bend.

2. Bowling

He can always strike us down with his bowling skills.

3. Perfect aim

No wonder he’s a sniper for our hearts too.

4. Kick it

He’s better than all your TikTok boys.

5. Swimming

He can wade his way into our hearts.

6. Rock climbing

Seriously, how is he good at everything?

7. Wrestling

We would definitely fight for him.

8. Archery

He aims straight for our hearts.

9. Running

Faster than anyone else!

As if we needed any more reason to fall for him!

Source: Pann