BTS’s Jungkook Spotted Helping Clean The Stage After Performance

He couldn’t just sit back and leave everything.

No matter where BTS‘s Jungkook is, he never fails to go above and beyond to help others. After finishing up their encore stage of “ON” for KBS‘s Music Bank, following their first-place win, he was spotted doing yet another kind act.

Instead of leaving it up to the staff to clean up all the equipment, Jungkook couldn’t leave the stage without helping out in some way. Taking matters into his own hands, he was spotted reaching down, carefully grabbing the set of drumsticks and the strap of the drum to lift it up.

He’d taken the strap and placed it on his shoulder, comfortably holding it in place. That wasn’t enough for him, though. Since there were other drums left one stage, he reached down and tried to snatch up another one.

It didn’t go quite as planned, especially while still holding his microphone in his other hand. Even so, Jungkook figured out how to make it work.

Sliding the strap off his shoulder and into his hand, he reached down to pick up another drum, managing to balance everything in both of his hands. Jungkook then moved toward the edge of the stage, ready to hand them over to staff.

After doing so, he still wanted to help. Although most of the stage had been cleared, he turned back. He ended up picking up their trophy and collecting two bouquets of flowers to take backstage.

Whether it’s preventing someone from tripping, as he did, or cleaning up the stage alongside staff, Jungkook is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Watch Jungkook do whatever it took to help carry off some of the drums here.