Here’s What Would Happen If BTS’s Jungkook Joined “Squid Game”

Fans predict he would drop out of this round.

Netflix‘s latest K-Drama, Squid Game, is taking over the world! Not only are they topping charts, but fans have been going nuts making spoofs of the themes in the game. A few clever fans even found parallels between the games featured in the show and with games that BTS‘s Jungkook has played before. Here’s how Jungkook would do if he joined the Squid Game.

The Squid Game match consists of a couple of games and stages. The first, Red Light, Green Light! It features a huge doll as the “seeker”. She will call out the praise, “mugunghwa kkochi pieosseumnida” which means, “the rose of Sharon has bloomed“. Players are allowed to move towards the finish line while she’s saying the phrase, but once she turns around, you have to freeze. Failure to do so results in being taken out of the game.

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Fans found out that Jungkook was able to freeze quickly and stably, without moving at all. He would definitely pass the first round!

Make sure to turn the volume up when you watch the edit.

On the other hand, fans have predicted that he would drop out of the games at the second stage. The second stage of the competition is “seoltang bbopki“, which is where one has to successfully break a shape out of a circle of baked sugar.

Very sadly, Jungkook once cracked his shape during a game.

Aaaaaand, he’s out!

The rest of the games, tug-o-war, stepping stones and the iconic Squid Game itself, are a mix of physical strength and good strategy. Seeing as how Jungkook is an ace at physical sports and has a big brain, he’s sure to make it past the rest of the stages too!

Source: theqoo

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