BTS’s Jungkook Once Got “Revenge” On Suga For Stealing His Underwear

Suga received lots of underwear as gifts after he made the confession!

The BTS members sometimes get “revenge” on each other, and Jungkook once got “revenge” on Suga for stealing his underwear!

BTS’s Jungkook

BTS’s Suga

In an episode of Rookie King, Suga confessed that he was the one who took Jungkook’s underwear that Jungkook thought he lost!

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Jungkook was “surprised” since Suga knows that he doesn’t like sharing clothes. Despite Jungkook saying this, Suga told his fellow members that he would be continuing to take their clothes!

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After Suga confessed this, lots of fans sent him pairs of underwear as presents!

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Since Suga had so many pairs of underwear, he no longer needed to borrow from the members, but he noticed that his underwear was disappearing. Jungkook then confessed that he was wearing one of Suga’s underwear, and the members even checked to see if he was telling the truth!

| nyunyu뉴뉴/YouTube

Suga then hilariously said they shouldn’t say stuff like this since it might “haunt” them in future interviews!

| nyunyu뉴뉴/YouTube

Here are the full videos below!