Prankster Jungkook Gets Revenge On His BTS Hyungs 

He had no mercy!

On Run BTS!, revenge is a dish best served wet!

V | Run BTS!/Weverse

BTS continued their wet and wild water games in Episode 132. For each round, two teams had to argue opposite sides of an absurd debate, such as bread with raisins vs bread without raisins. If a team member said a forbidden word or did a forbidden action, the staff would blast them with water and drench the moderator.

Usually, whichever member deduced the forbidden words or actions would announce them to the whole group, to save everyone from more splash attacks. Jungkook had other plans!

Jungkook | Run BTS!/Weverse

In the previous episode, his hyungs (older members) soaked him on purpose. “If you have a grudge against Jungkook,” RM said. “just hit the desk!” 

Oh, how the tables have turned! When Jungkook figured out that the forbidden action was touching their goggles, he kept his mouth shut…

…and used the information as a secret weapon!

Whenever this master of mischief saw an opportunity, he seized it, soaking Moderator for looking directly into danger…

…and attacking the opposing team for their poem.

The best part? No one suspected a thing, so Jungkook had as much fun as he wanted until the round ended!

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