BTS’s Suga Did Something Sweet For Jungkook When A Show Was About To End

Jungkook ended up making everyone laugh!

BTS‘s Suga is always looking out for Jungkook, and he once did something sweet for Jungkook when a show was about to end.

BTS’s Suga
BTS’s Jungkook

Near the end of their guest appearance in the Cultwo Show, the members were asked to give an ending message. Suga brought up that Jungkook had a special impersonation that he worked hard on and that he should show it off before the show ended.

After Suga brought this up, everyone asked Jungkook to show the impersonation.

The impersonation Jungkook prepared was actor Choi Min Sik from the film Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time.

Jungkook then began his impersonation, and everyone began laughing due to how good it was!

The MCs even asked Jungkook to conclude the show with Choi Min Sik’s voice, and Jungkook did, which caused everyone to laugh once again!

Here’s the full video below!