Here Are All Of BTS Jungkook’s Tattoos And Their Meanings

They’re pretty meaningful.

BTS‘s Jungkook recently revealed his tattoo sleeve on an episode of Run BTS! Although it has been hard for fans to deduce the meaning of his tattoos given that it is often covred up for the camera, the reality show treated fans to a full view. Here’s the meanings of all his discovered tattoos so far!

| @jkookjae/Twitter

1. The most beautiful moment in life

Jungkook has the hanja characters for Hwayang Yeonhwa, the most beautiful moment in life, tattooed on the inner side of his sleeve. The album was an incredibly meaningful one for BTS.

2. Microphone

He has a microphone tattoo on the top of his forearm. Mixed in with the sleeve, it is hard to spot but once you do, it’ll be the only thing you see! It is an obvious referral to his job and passion.

3. The handsign

He has a handsign, the signature ending pose for “Boy in Luv” tattooed near the wrist. The song itself is one dedicated to fans.

| @jkookjae/Twitter


Naturally, he had to put his move for ARMY on his skin!

5. Purple heart

Meant to represent the iconic borahae line.

6. Bulletproof

The tiny logo below the Y is BTS’s bulletproof official logo.


7. The interlocking “X” of words

Jungkook tattooed two phrases in the shape of an X on his sleeve. One line reads, “make hay while the sun shines” and the other, “rather be dead than cool“. Since his debut, his motto has been, “it is better to be dead than to live without passion“.

| BTS Bomb

8. 0613

Self-explanatory, this is BTS’s debut date.

9. The eye

He recently got an eye tattoo that was part of a drawing he once drew!

| Bighit Entertainment

10. Tiger lily

The tiger lily is Jungkook’s birth flower, as explained on an episode of Run BTS! where they had a floral arrangement session.

11. Please love me

The meaning of the tiger lily is “please love me“, inspiring Jungkook to get it together with the flower.

| BigHit Entertainment

Each of his tattoos have a special meaning to them, just as much as they are nice to look at.