BTS’s Jungkook Revealed Another Part Of His Tattoo To ARMY

Fans have gotten another peak at the Golden Maknae’s ink.

BTS‘s Jungkook is the gift that keeps on giving to ARMY, and so are his tattoos!


This is one of the earliest photos of Jungkook’s ink, taken by a fan during BTS’s month-long hiatus in 2019. It sparked a “are they real or not?” debate that has more or less ended with “yes, they are”, despite no official confirmation.


Ever since then, fans have been seeing more and more of the tattoos that begin at Jungkook’s fingers…


…and climb up his forearm.


While ARMY totally respects Jungkook’s decision to keep his ink under wraps (literally) they’re always excited to see more.


Jungkook’s most recently revealed tattoo could easily be mistaken for calligraphy ink. It looks more like it was drawn with a brush than stippled with a needle.


According to fans, this tattoo may represent Jungkook’s birth flower.


Will Jungkook reveal the rest of his tattoos in 2020? Some fans are hoping to see them in the concept photos for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7!

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