BTS’s Jungkook Has Us Swooning As He Cooks While Paying Attention To All The Fine Details

Literally what can this man not do?

BTS‘s Jungkook is basically perfect at this point. You might be thinking, “yes, so what if he cooks?” But what you might not have noticed is how he pays attention to all the smaller details during the cooking process. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what has us swooning.

First off, just how good does he look right after waking up in the morning? Is this even possible?

Getting into the topic proper, he decided to make some bibimmyeon and pork belly. Bibimmyeon is a kind of instant noodle that is mixed with a sauce after you cook and drain it. The smart cookie not only got the water for the noodles boiling while he prepped the meat, he also separated some of the extra fats from the lean cuts and then used the fat as oil.

Check out how he uses the fat to grease the pan.

Okay, so he let the water boil over for a hot second. But the guy has to give us something he’s not perfect at.

Now, here’s a step that many people skip over when they cook instant noodles. In order to keep the noodles springy and bouncy, he rinsed it with iced water! Not just cool water from the tap, he got out the ice from the fridge and used that instead. Honestly, we’d be too lazy to do that in the morning.

Fans noted that he went the extra mile with his pork belly as well. Normally, if cooking at home, you would fry the meat as a whole slab then cut it into slices after it is all cooked. This saves you some time and effort. Jungkook however, cooked it the way restaurants do. He first got the meat grilled as slabs, then sliced them once over into bite-sized pieces. Afterwhich, he went and fried them again, tossing them over high heat. This allows each piece to be crispy on all 4 sides.

He even made sure to use every single squeeze of sauce! This trick with the chopsticks helps you get all the sauce out of the packet.

Et voila! Jungkook can now enjoy his meal.

He truly worked hard for that!

Check out how he even washed the kitchen towels and left them to dry!

You can enjoy the full video of his cooking escapade below.