BTS’s Jungkook Once Threw Away Jin’s Gift To Him — And Jin’s Reaction Is Totally Understandable

You’d react like Jin, too, if your friend threw away your gift, right? 😁

The relationship dynamics between BTS‘s Jungkook and Jin is definitely interesting.

Looking at the way they interact with each other, you wouldn’t think that Jungkook is the maknae of the group…

…and that Jin is the oldest one in BTS’s family-like group, would you?

Both of them like to engage in playful “fights”…

…and Jungkook especially loves teasing his hyung

…but at the end of the day, Jin still treats Jungkook as his cute little brother.

Perhaps this is why during one of their concerts, Jin gave Jungkook a nice gift to make his introduction more special?

He hid a rose in Jungkook’s hoodie…

…and gave him a helpful tip.

Jin, ever the professional entertainer, told Jungkook to take out the rose when it’s his time to talk during the concert.

Jungkook loved Jin’s idea so much that he couldn’t help but flash a “thumbs up” sign towards his hyung‘s direction.

To further show his appreciation, Jungkook even called Jin over for a well-deserved fist bump.

True enough, when it was Jungkook’s time to shine, he opened his hood and took out Jin’s gift to show off to the ARMYs present during the event.

Jin, the ever supportive hyung, sent a thumbs-up to Jungkook’s way…

…which is why his reaction when Jungkook threw away his gift was incredibly hilarious. He was shocked, confused and trying to contain his laughter at the same time!

Oh, well. It’s a good thing Jin loves his little brother, right?

Now, Jin can forgive Jungkook even though he threw away his gift…but can he forgive Jungkook for showing special attention to Jimin? Find out in the next article below!

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