BTS’s Jungkook, TWICE’s Jihyo, ITZY’s Yuna And More Idols Once Wore The Same Jacket Design, And Served Completely Different Vibes

It takes a true idol to pull off this look!

When it comes to K-Pop idols, there are many things that fans love about them. From their voices, personalities, and charisma, they have it all. Yet, after idols announce comebacks, there are other things that fans start to predict, and these include hair color and what their favorite groups are going to wear during their upcoming promotions.

Recently, fans have noticed that four idols wore the same jacket design. The jacket is a Bandana Faux-Fur Jacket from South Korean company DWS COMPANY.

The faux jackets worn by the idols | DWS COMPANY

With dalmatian print and would make an idol stand out from the crowd! Although a bit pricey at $819.00 USD, it serves sass and personality.


The first idol that many noticed wearing the jacket was none other than ITZY‘s Yuna! In September, the group released the opening trailer for their first album, “CRAZY IN LOVE.” During the video, she slayed in the dalmatian print jacket and channeled her inner Cruella De Vil with a hound of dogs surrounding her.

| ITZY/ YouTube 

Yet, as expected, Yuna added a more punk and princess-like feel to it, teaming the jacket with a paint-splattered black dress and statement platform boots with spikes on them.

The whole combination looked like something out of a rock concert, and it suited Yuna and the concept of the video to a tee.

ITZY’s Yuna | ITZY/ YouTube

The most recent idol to be seen wearing the outfit is fellow JYP Entertainment group TWICE‘s Jihyo. The group recently made a comeback with their track “SCIENTIST,” and fans worldwide couldn’t get over the members’ visuals and aesthetics during the video.

In particular, Jihyo caught the attention of fans in her teaser picture, rocking the same jacket.

TWICE’s Jihyo | @JYPETWICE/ Twitter

Unlike Yuna, Jihyo kept the look light and girly. Although she also teamed it with a cute dress, Jihyo’s was a pale pink and perfectly matched the jacket’s color scheme.

| @JYPETWICE/ Twitter

She teamed it with knee-high brown boots that added some pop and drama to the outfit. She definitely rocked the jacket and added a more elegant feel, whether in the concept image or on stage.

| 스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP/ YouTube 

Another idol that has who wore the pink dalmatian jacket is one that might surprise you. It is none other than THE BOYZ‘s maknae Eric! Although not much is known about the meaning behind the photo, Eric was seen wearing the bright jacket and served looks.

THE BOYZ’s Eric | @official_theboyz/ Instagram

In the photo, Eric has teamed the jacket with boiler suit pants and a dirty white t-shirt which is probably to do with a photoshoot or schedule the group was on.

The final idol to be seen wearing the jacket is BTS‘s Jungkook, but, unlike the others, he wore it in black. During the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert, Jungkook wowed fans by teaming this jacket with a knitted vest and a pair of shades.

BTS’s Jungkook | @TheTKGlobal/ Twitter

Although the color might be different, Jungkook cemented that the jacket is a must-have item. Although it might take confidence and a whole lot of personality to pull it off, Jungkook showed that, like Yuna, anyone could wear the faux jacket to give an edgier vibe and feeling.

Despite all four idols serving completely different looks with this one jacket design, they all looked terrific and showcased why idols are true fashion icons.

Same Fit, Different Vibes