TXT And BTS Have Two Very Different Maknaes, And This Proves It

It has nothing to do with their looks or skills.

Fans recently discovered a striking difference between BTS‘s Jungkook and TXT‘s HueningKai. This difference has nothing to do with their looks…


(They’re both very handsome!)


…or skills.


(Talent runs in the Big Hit Entertainment family!)


The big difference lies in how they interact with certain fans. When ARMYs tried to call Jungkook “oppa”, he just wasn’t having it. “Oppa” is a term girls and women use to affectionately address their older male friends, brothers, and idols.


Jungkook jokingly said he would check fans’ ID cards, to make sure the fans weren’t older than him!


HueningKai responded totally differently to being called “oppa”. According to fans who attended TXT’s Hi-Touch event, he was fine it! He didn’t mind being an “oppa”, even to older female fans.


Taehyun, TXT’s second-youngest member, also approved of “oppa”. Why? It’s because being an “oppa” means he must be handsome!


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