Here’s How BTS’s Jungkook Has Changed Over The Years, According To V

Change is normal but V is fond of the old times.

BTS recently held their “PROOF Live” as a comeback stage where they performed the songs “Born Singer,” “Yet To Come,” and “For Youth.”

ARMY were left entranced with their vocals and emotional at the heartfelt lyrics of all three songs.

BTS also talked to fans, expressing their thoughts on how the COVID-19 pandemic shifted their plans.

After our “ON” promotions the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. Over the two years since then a lot of things have changed for us as well as for ARMY, right?

We’ve done many unthinkable projects. I guess a lot of things have happened.


Jin, Jungkook, V, RM, Suga, Jimin, and J-Hope | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

Right, we can say this now but most of the things we’ve done since 2020 were not planned in advance… The same goes for this project.

We’ve done most things spontaneously based on the best decision we could make each time. Everything was flexible.

As we went on we were sometimes a little afraid and unsure if we were on the right path. We’ve also had growing reservations about what was the right answer. That came to mind. We really hung in there.



And they explained why they chose to release the anthology album.

And we also wanted to wrap up our first chapter. That’s why we created our album.



And, because the lyrics in “Yet To Come” promise that BTS’s moment is still yet to come, the members talked about their “best moment” up until now.

The members largely gave sincere answers, talking about their debut or first concert.

For me, it’s the day BTS was born, June 13th. That day means a lot to me. That was probably the best moment for me. I still get emotional thinking about it.


| BANGTANTV/YouTube   

But Jungkook and V took the opportunity to be playful with their answers.

Jungkook teased his members, suggesting that his addition to BTS was the best moment.

The best moment for me, although there were a lot of great moments, was the day when I joined this company. The moment changed my whole future.

I believe BTS wouldn’t exist without me! Thank you.



While V decided to tease Jungkook, talking about how the group’s maknae has changed over the years.

For me, it was those days when Jungkook would cry if I asked, ‘Are you crying?’ That was the best moment for me.



And while J-Hope felt that it was an interesting best moment to have…

We’re going into our 10th year and that’s your best moment? That’s so… Nice and simple.



V defended his choice, saying that it was meaningful because it shows who Jungkook was as a person and how he’s changed over those ten years.

But he has changed. We won’t see that side of him again.



To which, Jungkook could only logically point out that people always change over time, so he couldn’t stay the exact same forever.

People change, we’re not people if you don’t.



V can’t help but agree with this since he’s also changed over the years.

Of course, I’ve changed too.



But if one thing is consistent, it’s BTS’s love for each other and love of teasing one another.

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