ARMYs Are Wheezing At The Difference Between BTS’s Jungkook And V Kissing Their Dogs

Which team are you on? 🤣

The BTS members are all kinds of affectionate when it comes to animals!

Specifically, all of the members are dog lovers and even have pups of their own.

All of the BTS members did a thumbs up to indicate they are dog lovers. | SiriusXM/YouTube

You just can’t hold them back from the cuddly creatures…

…especially when they’re with their own beloved pets!

J-Hope and his dog, Mickey | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Recently, ARMYs are laughing extra hard at the stark difference between Jungkook and V with their own pets.

Jungkook introduced fans to his big Doberman Bam during Season 2 of In The Soop.

The goofy dog is always showing his affection for his owner! During Jungkook’s latest livestream, Bam appeared to attack Jungkook with kisses.

Hilariously, Jungkook immediately wiped the slobbery kiss off of his mouth with his shirt.

However, V had a completely different reaction to the same situation with his own dog, Yeontan.

When V leaned in for a kiss with Yeontan, he didn’t wipe off the kiss.

Instead, it didn’t even phase him!

Are you more like Jungkook or V when it comes to pet kisses?