BTS Jungkook’s Weight Has Never Dropped Below A Certain Number And Who Cares — He Looks Amazing All The Time

Even his fellow members were shocked.

BTS‘s Jungkook is known for his low body fat percentage and muscular physique. While fans are well aware of his dedication to the gym and working out, most might not know that his weight has never fallen past a certain point.

Despite being one of the leanest members in the group, he usually weights 20 lbs more than the other members on average. In a recent live stream, he admitted that his weight has never fallen below 154 lbs.

I’ve never weighed in the 60 kgs range. No matter how skinny I get, the minimum is around 72 kg (158 lbs).

— Jungkook

He’s probably blessed with amazing genes! Even J-Hope exclaimed that Jungkook never loses muscle. He’s certainly demonstrated that with his abs.

Some are just blessed with a muscular body type!

Check out his deep back muscles…

…and his thicc calves.

His forearms…

…and those thighs.

His perfect physique is testament to a combination of hard work at the gym and being born with it!

Source: theqoo