BTS’s Jungkook Comes Up With A Hilarious New Dance Move…And The Members Are Obsessed

Their reactions! 🤣

Recently, BTS released behind-the-scenes footage of the members practicing for their Yet To Come in Busan concert.

They prepared their brand new choreography for never-before-seen performances like “RUN BTS.”

They also reviewed songs they knew by heart, just to make sure all of the details were polished.

While practicing “Butter,” Jungkook proved he never runs out of energy! Wanting to mix it up, he added a new and hilarious move where he jumped from side to side during the lyrics “Hot like (summer), Ain’t no (bummer).”

As expected, the members immediately implemented the new choreography and loved it!

From there, everyone let out their most exaggerated version of the dance. They never forget to have fun!

Watch the full video below.


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