BTS Jungkook’s Savageness Towards Jin Once Had Kang Ho Dong Nearly Dying Of Laughter

Jungkook is just a savage to his hyungs.

BTS‘s Jin and Jungkook have quite a relationship, as they can be loving towards each other at one moment, and be complete savages towards each other the next.

During an episode of Let’s Eat Dinner Together, Jungkook’s savageness had Kang Ho Dong nearly dying of laughter.

During the episode, Jungkook shares how he hasn’t had a homecooked meal in a couple of years and how much he wishes to have one. While it’s been a couple of years for Jungkook, Jin hilariously reveals that he had a homecooked meal not too long ago.

Kang Ho Dong can’t help but laugh at Jin’s remarks.

Lee Kyung Kyu is then seen looking curiously at a doorbell, which causes Jin to think that he should press it.

Lee Kyung Kyu tells the group not to press it, but Jin seems to not have heard him.

The group members are in for a shock once Jin accidentally rings the doorbell.

Thankfully for Jin, there was no one present in the home.

Jungkook and Lee Kyung Kyu then playfully diss Jin for not paying attention.

Jungkook takes it a step further by dissing Jin’s age, which causes Kang Ho Dong to explode with laughter.

Jin then hilariously reveals some of the other ways Jungkook playfully attacks him.

There’s more in the full video below!