BTS Jungkook’s Twitter Post Becomes Fastest Tweet By Korean Artist To Hit 2M Likes

Record-breaking king.

BTS’s Jungkook has always been the social media king with any of his posts making records for the most likes in the history of Twitter. Even his fashion items have become so popular that anything he wears in a video or social media post becomes an instant sold-out item!

Recently, his video post of him singing a cover of Lauv’s “Never Not” became the fastest Tweet by a Korean artist to hit 2M likes. This video hit a total of 1M views in just ten minutes, showing the power of ARMYs.

This also made him the first and only artist to have over 2 Tweets with over 1M retweets from all over the world!

He is also the sole winner to have five of his Tweets have over 2M likes on Twitter. Here are the other posts that have helped him reach this record!

His video of him dancing to Billie Eilish‘s song “Bad Guy.”

His selfie of him wearing glasses and recommending a song to ARMYs.

A photo of him showing his new hair cut.

A photo of him thanking fans for always making him happy.

These posts, although they may seem like not much on the surface, being just photos from daily life and updates on what he’s doing, the influence he has on fans and people around the world are much bigger than that.

The fact that millions of people view and wait for his next post shows the power he holds as a public figure. While other celebrities may use their social media fame for promotional use and marketing campaigns, BTS and Jungkook do not break into that stereotype.

Although their social media views and likes sometimes exceed even the most popular of celebrities, they don’t use it to their benefit and instead use it to further interact and communicate with their fans.