Former BigHit Entertainment Trainee’s Biggest Life Goal Is Related To BTS—Here’s How

They used to have the same dream.

All members of global K-Pop sensation BTS were once trainees.


Not only did they practice with a dozen other trainees before debuting, they also lived with them in a small dorm. They became good friends who looked out for each other.

Recently, former BigHit Entertainment (now BIGHIT Musictrainee Kim Jihoon sat down for an interview with VICE Asia.

He opened up about practicing with BTS before he was unfortunately cut from the debut lineup.

The scared part of me was questioning, ‘What if I don’t do well?’ because there were many other trainees who were talented. I really thought I wasn’t good enough…we had a meeting and they told me I was getting cut from the group…I had trained hard and practiced everyday, sometimes until dawn [so I thought] ‘Why haven’t I gotten better? What’s wrong with me?’

— Kim Jihoon

Many people in his situation would have joined another company, but he genuinely loved being with his friends and was heartbroken that they couldn’t debut together.

When I was asked to leave the group, all these unfortunate things happened at the same time. This was my dream, to become a singer. I could have gone to another agency, but I really liked this place. I was sad that I could no longer be in a group with my friends.

— Kim Jihoon

Kim Jihoon went on to remain a non-celebrity. He is now an intern at a government agency, but his desire for fame led him to become a YouTuber on the side.

His biggest dream is to one day hold a party with all former BigHit Entertainment trainees. Knowing BTS’s busy schedules, however, this may be a difficult one to achieve.

My biggest goal is to throw a massive party with everyone from my training days.

— Kim Jihoon

The reason why he badly wants to reunite with them is because it was “the happiest memory” of his entire life and he deeply misses it.

The interview closed with Kim Jihoon stating that he and BTS used to run towards the same dream, but now all he wants is to become someone like them.

Aside from sharing his current goals, Kim Jihoon opened up about the time he was cut from the group. Check it out here:

Former BigHit Trainee Describes What Life Was Like After Being Cut From BTS’s Debut Lineup

Source: YouTube