BTS’s “King Of Comedy” Jin Pulls A”Prank” On J-Hope 

He didn’t let the opportunity pass him by.

BTS’s Jin took April Fool’s Day to the next level with a prank he pulled on J-Hope.

J-Hope (left) and Jin (right)

On April Fool’s Day 2021, BTS fans played pranks on social media and looked forward to what mischief the members have in mind for them. J-Hope posted photos of his “new” red hair color on Weverse, but it didn’t take ARMYs long to find out the truth.

| Weverse

I dyed my hair~

— J-Hope

Jin, aka the King of Comedy, jumped aboard the prank train by pretending to be surprised. He also added a funny anecdote about J-Hope’s hair dyeing process.

| Weverse

Oh my, J-Hope you kept hitting tomatoes on your head, and it was because you were trying to dye it!

— Jin

Afterward, Jin pulled his own “prank” on J-Hope by pretending to be him. He shared this selfie with the caption, “hoseokie” (a cute way of saying J-Hope’s real name, Hoseok).

| Weverse

Of course, J-Hope wasn’t fooled, but he took the opportunity to gush over his imposter’s gorgeous visuals.

| Weverse

wow Hoseokie hyung,,,,,,,,,,, crazy ,,, you’re really handsome,,,,,(why am I sad,,)

— J-Hope


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